Applications have now closed for the 2021 Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference


Application Tips

Dedicate time and effort to your application. We get over a hundred applications each year, so it’s important that yours is well-written and that you provide thoughtful answers to each question. Plan your answer before you write, and double-check at the end to make sure there aren’t any spelling or grammar errors.

A well-structured answer will ensure that we understand each of your ideas and thoughts more clearly. Before you begin to write, plan how you will structure your response. This will helps ensure that your answer is cohesive and has a logical order.

Keep your answers simple and logical. It’s better if you explain a few points clearly and in detail rather than listing as many ideas as you can without explaining them.

It’s easy to tell when someone has written exactly what they think we want to hear! Avoid waffling and buzzwords. Instead, write from your personal experiences and original thoughts. An application which gives us a clear idea of who you are and your unique personality is always more memorable and powerful.

In order to help your application stand out, use personal examples from your own experiences. They show us that you have demonstrated the qualities we are looking for in real life, and also give us a better idea of who you are as a person.

Make sure that you read the question carefully and stay on topic! It can be easy to misread a question, or to get caught on a tangent in your response. The questions that we have asked are designed to help us find candidates who demonstrate our ideal qualities. If you stray too far from the question, you may miss your chance to show us these key skills and capabilities.

7.      REREAD!
Once you have written your application, reread each answer before submitting. It detracts from your application if it is filled with grammatical errors or typos. Also check to make sure that you have answered each question completely and that your answers are cohesive.