Futures 2024 presents a unique opportunity to meet other young people from all areas of Western Australia and from diverse backgrounds, developing empathetic leaders through fostering the ability of participants to relate to and understand other’s perspectives.

Empowered Young Leaders

Young people have limitless potential to be changemakers in their communities when empowered with the skills to do so. When young people are given the opportunity to build their skills in public speaking, organisation, negotiation, and teamwork, they develop the confidence to take action on issues that affect them and those they care about. Through their creativity and initiative, they can be a powerful force for good at all levels in their societies, whether in their schools, clubs, suburbs or cities. By taking action in this way, young people not only help build a better world, but are able to live more connected, fulfilled, and meaningful lives. We believe that young people do not need to wait to have their voices heard, but rather that they can and should seize opportunities in the present to make the changes they seek. By encouraging them and working with them to develop their confidence and leadership skills, we believe they can be empowered to become the leaders of today.

The sub themes we will be exploring are confidence and teamwork.

Global Challenges, Community Solutions

Our young leaders exist in a world that faces several global challenges. From mental health, to environmental degradation, to social and economic inequality, there is a great need for leaders and teams to work towards combatting these complex and widespread issues. We believe that young leaders have the motivation, innovation and the power to seek change now, creating lasting relationships and initiatives within their local communities that will make a difference to these global challenges. This “ripple effect” – a core Fogarty Foundation principle whereby young leaders create long-term change – is ultimately achieved by first having an understanding of these global issues, and by developing a genuine desire to help their local community. This empathy and passion can then be followed by action: implementing creative and innovative local solutions. We will aim to provide students with the skills to develop their own ideas and solutions, and to tackle the global issues they personally connect with, thus inspiring students to be the change they wish to see in the world. 

The sub-themes that we will be exploring are empathy and creativity