Conference Outcomes


Futures presents a unique opportunity to meet other young people from all areas of Western Australia and from diverse backgrounds, developing empathetic leaders through fostering the ability of participants to relate to and understand other’s perspectives.  Presentations from many diverse community organisations on how they are making a positive impact in their local area will facilitate cultural awareness and community mindedness, allowing participants to understand ways they can have a positive impact on their wider community.


The conference seeks to inspire participants to consider sustainability and enterprise hand-in-hand, while thinking about their wider community. Participants will hear from a variety of people who have successfully founded social enterprise start-ups, aiming to invite creative thinking and encourage the successful use of resources to cater for the increasingly globalised society we live in.


In today’s constantly evolving world, resilience and open-mindedness are essential for success. Participants will be encouraged to understand and develop different styles of communication through problem-solving and teamwork-based activities, enabling them to adjust to situations as they arise.


Throughout the conference, participants will be involved in a number of exercises focused on personal development, encouraging them to find their purpose and allow active participation as a global citizen. Self-reflection activities will inspire participants to understand their own values and goals, enabling them to maintain integrity in all they do.  They will be motivated to think introspectively and consider how they can develop their unique leadership style.