Conference Outcomes

Futures presents a unique opportunity to meet other young people from all areas of Western Australia and from diverse backgrounds, developing empathetic leaders through fostering the ability of participants to relate to and understand other’s perspectives.


The concept of resilience encompasses many crucial soft skills such as problem solving, self-awareness and motivation Futures believes that the development of these skills is the first vital step in progressing as a leader. Throughout the conference, students will engage in various exercises that aim to challenge their own beliefs and motivations. Participants will be able to identify strategies that build resilience at an individual, community and global level in order to create lasting impact within the community.


The conference seeks to inspire students to champion their critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills while developing ideas in a collaborative environment.

Each year, we aim to develop the innovative mindset of students by enlisting local social impact and innovative companies. We have held workshops with many start-up founders and the social enterprise incubator, Bloom.

Social Impact

Since adapting to life during a global pandemic, it has become more important than ever to show empathy and compassion towards those who are less fortunate than ourselves. A major theme of the 2022 Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference is social impact. Our goal is to inspire and instil confidence in students in their ability to create meaningful change towards global issues affecting society today. We aim to teach young leaders that they can make an impact in improving communities both locally and across the world, despite their young age

Inspiring Leaders of Tomorrow

Above all, we wish to inspire our students to be the next leaders of tomorrow.

The 2022 conference aims to help students develop their skills in public speaking, diplomacy, teamwork and critical thinking so that they can flourish in all their future endeavours.

The Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference is a platform which strives to give participants the confidence and capability to serve as the next generation of future leaders.