Conference Outcomes

Futures presents a unique opportunity to meet other young people from all areas of Western Australia and from diverse backgrounds, developing empathetic leaders through fostering the ability of participants to relate to and understand other’s perspectives.


Sustainability is the key to a better future. In our ever-changing world, it has become increasingly significant to protect the quality of our lives, our ecosystems and to preserve natural resources for future generations. In trying to do so, it is the responsibility of every single human being residing on Earth to make their best efforts to ensure the preservation of our planet and the communities within. The concept of sustainability encompasses many aspects, based on the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015. These include social and economic development, environment sustainability and peaceful and inclusive societies. Hence why we believe that increasing awareness in today’s youth about the importance of sustainability will enable them to develop the knowledge, skills, values and motivation required for action in order to maintain their own wellbeing,along with the wellbeing of the planet and its communities.

The sub themes that we will be exploring include community/social impact and empathy.


Creating greater community change relies on developing and empowering the individuals of those communities. Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future, which is why it is necessary to empower the youth to help our communities to thrive in the future. Empowerment of the youth helps young people to be involved in their education, communities and social services. It impacts them by improving their social skills and behaviour, increasing their academic and social achievement, boosting their self-esteem by helping them recognise their worth, making them self aware and socially connected so they can live to their fullest potential. Empowerment cultivates a positive change in an individual’s personality, which assists them as they work to benefit their communities. We believe that social impact – a core value of the Fogarty Foundation – comes about by empowering people, which is why we will focus on building the skills young people need to become leaders in their communities, and bring about positive development in not only their communities, but also in the lives of those around them.

The sub themes that we will be exploring include professionalism and inquisitiveness.