Conference Outcomes

Futures presents a unique opportunity to meet other young people from all areas of Western Australia and from diverse backgrounds, developing empathetic leaders through fostering the ability of participants to relate to and understand other’s perspectives.


In our ever-changing world, the ability to overcome obstacles is of increasing demand. However, the importance of this skill is often neglected in secondary and tertiary education systems. The concept of resilience encompasses many aspects including: problem solving, self-awareness, motivation, growth mindsets, and much more. The development of these self-understanding tools is a vital aspect of leadership and will be explored at the conference along with strategies to build resilience both on an individual and community level.


This year’s conference seeks to inspire students to champion their critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills while developing ideas in a team. Our goal is to encourage participants to consider sustainability and enterprise hand-in-hand, while thinking about their wider community. We aim to develop the innovative mindset of students through partnerships with startup founders, innovative organisations and global leaders. In the past we have held innovation-related workshops with social enterprise incubator Bloom, NFP student consulting group 180 Degrees Consulting and the Australia-Asia Strategic Youth Partnership.

Social Impact

This year’s program aims to engage students with both local and global issues, and demonstrate how young people can make an impact in those areas. While many students will have been exposed to problems such as climate change or inequality, they have rarely been given the opportunity to think critically about approaching solutions. This will be explored through guest speaker accounts from notable figures who have done important work in these areas, as well as problem-solving workshops with organisations which have previously included UN Youth, Man Up and Dr Yes.

Future-Proof Leadership

Throughout the conference, participants will be involved in a number of exercises focused on personal development, encouraging them to find their purpose and allow active participation as a global citizen. Above all, we wish to inspire our participants to be leaders of tomorrow and to grant them the skills and advice they need to succeed in whatever they feel passionate about whether that be a particular social issue, business enterprise or future career. We aim to develop students’ skills in public speaking, diplomacy, teamwork and critical thinking to enable our students to be best equipped to thrive in the modern world.